Nice cornice

The past 2 weekends we haven’t really done too much on the House only because Anthony rode in the 85km Sydney to Wollongong ride for MS charity and then the weekend after we celebrated his Mum and my Mum’s birthdays on the Sydney Harbour in a cruise boat. It was actually a nice break from … Continue reading Nice cornice

Subway tiles

On Thursday we had another busy day with the plumber in to connect the kitchen as well as the airconditioning installers to connect the unit and get our system working. Everything went pretty smoothly and it was exciting to have water back in our kitchen, the dishwasher working and being able to turn our stove … Continue reading Subway tiles

Painting a white sky

This weekend has been dedicated to painting. We bought a whole heap of cheap painters drop sheets and got plastic down on the floor again. We bought some 3in1 prep paint and painted the ceiling and all the walls, except for one corner of the room as we had to still top coat it. Saturday … Continue reading Painting a white sky