Small steps

We’ve now grouted the floor of our patio but have been stuck on tiling 5 steps. It has been a slow process just to get a couple of tiles on the stairs. I didn’t realize it would be that much of a challenge seeing that we had tiled our bathrooms, laundry and kitchen, but tiling … Continue reading Small steps

Patio painting

As we get closer to tiling our patio, we spent last week in preparation by finishing off the ceiling joints, painting with ceiling paint and painting the walls. Painting required 3 coats, 1 of the 3in1 primer and 2 in the “Timeless grey” exterior paint. We were also able to remove the old tapes that … Continue reading Patio painting

Final wardrobe in

Today we got our master bedroom wardrobe installed and does it feel good to know we have a place for all our clothes now. It’s been a nuisance having to sift through garbage bags to find clothes to wear for the day. Sydney Wardrobes Company sent out their installer who actually arrived on time with … Continue reading Final wardrobe in