Brick piers

Now that the concrete is set, we ordered in 250 extruded common bricks and some yellow brick sand to build up the 11 piers required to support the bearers and joists. We ordered the materials from MBS this time and came under budget which was good, especially since there are a lot more expenses to … Continue reading Brick piers

Pier pads

With the mounds of dirt that were taken away a few weeks ago, we were able to make a start on digging the holes for the remaining piers. Anthony measured the 450×450 squares, which instructed by our structural plans, were to be no further than 1800mm apart. In total we were looking at 11 holes … Continue reading Pier pads

Dirt removal

After a couple of quotes ranging from $3000 to $9000, we booked in an excavation service to remove the laundry slab, the dirt underneath and the dirt in the bathroom. The guys turned up nice and early as they said and got stuck into it. The job was a mostly manual one as they had … Continue reading Dirt removal

The other side

We managed to hire the brick saw from Kennards for the day and had a lot of success with it. It cost under $200 to hire and did a brilliant job at not only slicing through the bricks but leaving a minimal amount of brick dust as it had a vacuum attached. Once the cuts … Continue reading The other side

Level ground

We had success with the mini excavator and it’s driver that we contracted on the weekend. Their little digger managed to get through the tight corner between the shed and patio stairs and get round to shift all the dirt around. I was so glad that we didn’t have to shovel dirt ourselves again, I … Continue reading Level ground