Building, Structural

Brick by brick

We were told that the hardest part was the foundation, but once you get that done, the rest is all pretty straight forward.

Our main aim was to get concrete poured before Christmas, so I didn’t expect us to get any bricks up until the new year. We decided to once again find bricklayers on HIpages because getting quotes from them in the past was difficult, so I thought we could be one step ahead. Instead we found George at Bricks Blocks Laid 4 U, a brickie with many years of experience. He visited our site and was eager to get the job done. I liked his attitude, he said he could knock it up quick and next thing I know, we’ve gone ahead with him.

George turned up with 1500 bricks to start off and I ordered the sand and cement for him. Everything arrived as planned and the 2 brickies plus labourer started. They worked super fast. It was a surprise to me though that they worked from 7am and often left the site around 12pm…but that’s ok – I was just happy to see bricks going up.




After a much needed break at Christmas, we welcomed the new year with optimism about the house extension once again! The next stage was to organise the ant capping. Anthony did some online research and found the product Termseal. I then hired Termseal Termite and Pest Management. Job done…easy!