Patty patio

Finally settled on a concreter to do the patio! Woot woot! I had a few quotes, and they seemed ridiculous. We only need about 2 cubic metres and quotes were coming in at about $6,000. How can a days work cost that considering the concrete would probably cost us $1,500 if we ordered it ourselves. … Continue reading Patty patio

Bearing down

As I’ve been the one to organise supplies and materials to come in, I ordered the LVL Hyspan for our bearers and joists from Advanced Timber. The order came in nice and early on Wednesday morning (I requested afternoon…but anyways, you get that). Day 1 of 2 Today Anthony was lucky enough to get a … Continue reading Bearing down

Pipe dreams

This week, we’ve moved on with the plumbing. The word “plumber” definitely has made me nervous, what with our past experience. What we were needing at this stage was the rough-in for our ensuite, bathroom and laundry. Partly set up pipes for the kitchen and get the sewer line outside of the house inspected. That … Continue reading Pipe dreams