Building, Structural

Flooring for wet areas

Although we are at a lull in the build, this weekend was spent installing the floors for the wet areas. We had purchased a few sheets of James Hardie cement sheeting and used this as our flooring choice before we add tile on top.

My husband was back on the saw cutting up the sheets to size. He had to determine the best way to use what sheets we had without too much wastage and also ensuring we wouldn’t run out. I think I prefer the former though as it can be a pain to reorder, not to mention costly due to delivery charges.

As the assistant, I helped by helping Anthony by carrying the heavy sheets around, definitely a 2 person job! I also hammered in nails post nail gun and used liquid nails to seal up the joins. It was quite a task getting those last few pieces in.

Adding in the floors was pretty exciting, not just being able to step in the room and freely walk around without falling through, but it allowed me to get a sense of the size. 


Laundry floor


Ensuite floor


Bathroom floor



Taking a break while we wait

Great news is that we’ve booked in a Carpenter who can do the roof for us, bad-ish news is that we have to wait 2-3 weeks. So the build is back to a snails pace. Although my husband has a few little things to do round the house, like digging some more piers and installing the floors in the wet areas, the site looks virtually unchanged.

I will be very excited when the Carpenter finally messages me to tell me that he is ready to start on our house. We’ll be getting not only the roof frames up, but the gutters and the roof tiles.

For now, we play the waiting game and are just trying to keep busy with non-house related things.

Whilst it’s been pretty quiet round the house I went away on a 4 day getaway with my best friend to Hobart. Better now while the weekends are free!!


Hotel views


On the top of Mt Wellington


At the top of The Neck on Bruny Island


Wind down with a sav and fresh oysters