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Doors and windows

It’s been a pretty busy weekend for us, we’ve had family visit from interstate to celebrate our son’s 7th birthday and our daughters christening the following day, whilst renovating. Not that we expected help, but we were so lucky to have family over to help us with the build while visiting.

With a lot of muscle power we were able to move the bifold door out to the back of the house. For months we were storing it on our front patio, blocking the sunlight into our front living room. After a bit of fiddling around, the door has now been installed and in its place.

I was a bit worried about the colour I had chosen as I saw some pictures of black bifolds that looked really good! But I think these are still great and are quite neutral.

Seeing through the windows

Today family have decided to extend their stay to help with the installation of the windows. SO grateful for their help and handy work!! They’ve been incredibly amazing. And all their hard work is paying off because the house is looking great! It’s nice to know that there’s a piece of the house where family has put a hand in, whether it be picking up broken roof tiles or nailing in wall braces. We certainly wouldn’t be where we are now without their help and extensive building knowledge.


Now that the door and windows are installed, the men work on wrapping the house in sheets of sarking. Apparently 1 roll of 81m2 is going to be enough to cover the entire extension. When this is complete its going to really put some perspective on the interiors. It will be pretty dark too.

No scaffolding? Improvise!

Building, External, Structural

Day 10-12 of the roof

Now that the sarking is complete, it’s a very strange feeling walking out to the new spaces and having cover over our heads. I look up and I see a lot of timber and foil, as if we are in a spaceship of some sort.

The Carpenters are just about finished and are now just tidying up the site, cleaning up and adding some cement to the caps. Since my jelly legs won’t allow me to climb up the long ladder to take a photo of the roof, I’ve asked the Carpenter to do it for me. I was amazed! I love the colour too.

The old roof will continue to look like it does now until we have completed the interiors, but it’s going to look great once it is cleaned and painted to match the “Barramundi” colour of our new Monier tiles.

Our new roof with Monier tiles

Old meeting new

Someone left their tile cutter…

The old roof needing a good clean and new paint


Building, External, Structural

Day 7-9 of the roof

The Carpenters have continued to work on the roof and have added more sarking and battons getting the roof ready for the new tiles to come tomorrow.

Over the weekend my husband and I tidied up the site, giving it a dust and removing some of the rubbish. We got our 6 year old son involved to pick up all the scattered bent nails. Anthony picked up on the steel beam not being secured in place and as we were concerned about whether it would pass or not, he decided to take matters in his own hands and as per the structural plan worked his magic with some non shrink mortar. It was a little disappointing that the Carpenters weren’t keen to do this for us and labeled it under a “brickies” job.

Anthony has been an absolute machine with the house build so far and his work quite impressive. He isn’t a trained builder or anything but is such a fantastic handyman. After the steel beam, he went ahead and painted the exposed rafters with the external paint we bought.

Come Monday, the Structural Engineer and the PCA arrived to inspect the roof frames and the site. Thankfully not too many hiccups here. Some annoyances to be honest, but nothing that should prevent us to keep us going ahead. Anthony’s work on the beam passed the inspection and the Carpenters work all good, bar the other beam needing an extra stud – but easy enough for them to do.

Now that the work has pretty much passed inspection, we are awaiting our new roof tiles to be installed. Lock up is not too far away now!

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Day 4-6 of the roof

Each day we have seen our roof frames grow like a spiders web. It’s been amazing to see more and more timber get nailed in to form the roof of our extension.

Terracon Carpenters have done such a fantastic job for us, despite the non-45 degree angles and the large number of hips and valleys.

The new roof has now been married into the old and they continue to do this for the rest of the week.

We had the gutters installed today and in the first time in probably over 30 years (just a guess) has this house seen a new set of gutters. Like putting your accessories on before you try the dress 😄

I was a bit worried about the colour as I want to match the trim with the gutters, however the “Gull Grey” option looks great! I could have gone with the white, but I think it would get dirty pretty quickly.

The old…

The new…

Replacing the old gutters

The end of this week should see all the roof frames in place, ready for the PCA to inspect on Monday. Then the roof tiles will be added on. I don’t think we’ll be getting the old roof painted until later though. So far, so good.

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Day 3 of the roof

The Carpenters get their weekend break before another full week of construction at site Williams. My hubby has spent the Saturday doing some clean up. Putting a plastic sheet roof over our open air laundry and installing some needed uni piers. I’ve dusted and wiped and cleaned what I could in the laundry area to prevent more dust getting in the house. The joys of living on a construction site!

After fixing the steel beam and putting it into place, the Carpenters managed to fit in adding rafters. So exciting! Every now and then I’ll walk out into the new areas and get a feel for the space. The rafters have given the rooms a different perspective yet again.

Someone put a toilet and laundry in the middle of our family room?!

Rafters and a steel beam eeek!

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There’s movement in the station…Day 1 of the roof

So after a few weeks of back and forth and waiting around, the Carpenters arrived on site as planned and so did the deliveries of timber and steel.

Timber delivery on our front lawn

So much timber!

There’s 2 of these large steel beams to go up

They tackled to get 2 large steel beams onto the extension straight away. It happened quickly surprisingly, for such large and heavy things. One steel beam spanned across the top of our master bedroom and the other above the kitchen area.

One of the beams in place

Another steel beam ready to go up

As you would expect with old houses, there were some things uncovered which made it a challenge for the Carpenters to get the steel beam above the kitchen in. It required some packing, but they have been able to fix the issue.
It’s taken 2 days for them to sort out the steel beam and by today we should start seeing some rafters go in. They have told us it should take 1.5 weeks to complete, roof frames, roof tiles and gutters.


Staying tuned…

We’ve had several quiet weekends now as we’ve been waiting for a quote from our chosen Carpenter. Although we haven’t started on the roof it has been a bit of a headache just planning it out. Some of the main hurdles have been the access to our house, the materials and the requirement that the ridge line of our new roof had to be below the existing roof.

The access to our house and the driveway are both fairly narrow and we have low power lines, so getting any large trucks at our place can be a logistical issue. If we had a lot of money and more space we could consider a crane, but unfortunately we have neither. The only option would be to use man power. Then we have the strutted beams. We had to go back to our Engineers to get our plans amended to have timber beams in place of steel ones, so they have decided that we require 170kg timber beams *gasp*. Nope…we’re not going there…steel beams it is! So now our Carpenter has to consider using steel and how to position the steel in place.

The wait continues till Monday when we are supposed to get the final quote, (hopefully not faint at the sight of the cost) and give the Carpenter the thumbs up.

Our bathroomware has been ordered and ready for delivery, but due to limited space, we have to wait till we get the windows and doors in, then move the bathtub and toilet into the shed. It will be another exciting time when the roof finally goes on though because it means we are getting closer to lock up.

Hooray! Carpenter booked and roof to go up starting this Wednesday!

Here we go again with about 2 weeks of builders on site. The good thing is we’ll have not only the roof frames up, but the roof tiles, new guttering and steel beams. Lets see how it all pans out this time…