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Day 14-17 Bricks to lockup

Things have been super slow as of late with getting the bricks done. Life just gets in the way and sometimes you also need a break.

Anthony continues to work away at the bricks on his own and now and then I’ve assisted him. It’s tricky with 2 kids, especially when one of them is a year old. We often have to call in reinforcements, i.e, my mum, so she can babysit and I can help Anthony out.

There are about 6 courses left to go and 1/2 a pallet of bricks left. Once that’s used up we’ll be able to get the pallets picked up and get a move on to the next stage.

Although things have moved along at such a snails pace, we do have a carpenter lined up to replace the 2 windows. Our windows have been purchased and are now sitting on our patio. Our electrician (My father in law) is currently on a holiday to Uluru, so we are doing what we can to time it so on his return, the electrical rough-in can begin.

Our vanity and shaving cabinets have arrived too. I’m in love with them! They feel great because they have a wood effect, unlike laminate you can actually feel the grain. The basin is so sleek and it contains a pop up plug.

Building, External, Structural

Day 12-13 Bricks to lockup

Seems like it’s been never ending to get our bricks up. I guess since we’ve been working on the house only on the weekends, it’s been taking a lot longer than your regular build.

Yesterday and today we spent bricklaying the wall of our bedroom just to get to lintel height. For any windows, we leave it for 12-24hrs to dry and then put the lintel on top. 

Once this weekend is done, next weekend Anthony’s Dad will come by and help finish off the rest of the bricklaying before they go on holiday for a month.

During their month break, we aim to organise getting one of the windows installed and the kitchen window replaced. Our kitchen, I presume, will appear messy. In the interim I will be packing up as much as I can of the kitchen and the bedroom.