The odd jobs: Internal brick wall and niches

So while the render cures over the next couple of weeks, we are working on bricking up the other side of the bedroom wall. My husband decided it would be the right thing to do, rather than just covering it up with gyprock.

We will eventually gyprock over the brick, but we will be hanging cupboards and tiling in that area, so just to further strengthen the wall, he thought we should finish it properly.

Anthony has been working through some week nights to get it done and the plan is to complete it this weekend.

Scheduled for this weekend is also nailing in the niches for the ensuite and bathroom. Depending on my husbands stamina, it may or may not be a write off weekend.

Next steps and steps I’m hoping will happen fairly soon are: Painting the exterior of the house, rainwater tank installation, electrical rough in, insulation and plastering. I believe in that order too. At this stage, I do think that our timeframe has been pushed out to completion in April 2017.


The internal brick wall wasn’t completed nor did the hubby start on the niches this weekend. Sometimes you just need to take a break, have a breather and pick up again. Because we are held up by weather and waiting for the render to dry, we’ve come to another lull. I will have to make some final decisions on the exterior colours very soon however.

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Day 3 Rendering…Complete!

The final wall is now complete!! Wise Building have just rocketed through the whole rendering process. Our entire house is now completely skinned with render. 

Over the next couple of weeks we will be keeping our fingers crossed that the weather holds up to allow the render to dry. We will then get onto the task of painting the whole house, which will allow us to get a rainwater tank installed.

I guess over time we will see how the render holds, hoping there won’t be too many cracks appearing.

The expansion joints weren’t filled in, so we will need to get our hands on some No Gap (silicon), fill in the gaps and then paint.

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Day 2 Rendering

The Wise Building guys are on a roll and with some good weather so far it’s been going great! I am super impressed by these guys, getting here on time every morning and pushing through till late afternoon to get the place done on time.

They worked on the kitchen side wall, quickly moving from the back of the property to the front. Everything seems to have gone well and I’m so happy to see it all blend together.

The before

The after

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Day 1 Rendering

It always feels great when I see people working on the house, because I know that we are that one step closer.

The renderers came by yesterday to prepare the windows and drop off some equipment. Although some areas inside of the house are quite dark now since they have placed plastic sheeting over the windows, I don’t mind so much knowing that there is work being done.

Today seems to have been a really productive day and a nice and sunny one too. The first coat of render has been added to the back wall and the patio area. I am so happy with how straight and flush the render looks. Makes me laugh at our rendering job in the other bedroom…guess that’s why you hire the pro’s. This was one area we definitely didn’t want to do ourselves.

I’m not only impressed with the render itself, but the guys doing the work have been on site on time and leaving late, keeping to their expected turn around time. I highly recommend them and will be adding them to my list of recommendations soon. Price wise it was in the middle range and considering how they have gone so far, we are getting more than what we paid.



Finishing up the window in bedroom 2

After a few weekends, Anthony finally completed bricking up and rendering the wall that held the old window overlooking our what once was, backyard.

It was Anthony’s first rendering job and although the finish isn’t perfect, he’s done a pretty good job. We’ve gone back with some multipurpose putty to cover up some of the dents. We’ll leave this over night and come back in the morning to sand and put in a final coat of paint.

The other job to do in the same room was to add the architrave to the new window. We sent ourselves to Bunnings on a Thursday night, there were so many options and also combinations. Looking to Houzz and Pinterest for some inspiration, I made a choice on combining the square and colonial face. We want to keep to that traditional look, but modernise it. As we angle cut each piece and nailed them in place, I didn’t think I’d feel so excited to see our windows framed. I’m loving how the Window looks and I’m sure you wouldn’t know that the old window was originally on the adjacent wall.


Next stage?

We have now booked in a renderer who will start next week, covering up all of the brick work. The rendering alone will be a noticeable change when it’s all done. The renderers estimate a 4-6 day turnaround.

Once complete we’ll be ordering in a rainwater tank, starting on the electrical rough-in, insulation and plastering to follow. Anthony still needs to brick up the other side of an internal wall and nail in the niches for all our 2 bathrooms.

Looks like every weekend from now until Christmas will surely be about the extension.