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Batten up! Ceiling battens, insulation and completion of rainwater tank install.

We had family from Adelaide come to visit this weekend. It was nice of them to offer to help Anthony out even though they were visiting Sydney for other reasons, so was really grateful that they would fit in time in their schedule to lend a helping hand.

Anthony and his Uncle rearranged the pillars of insulation batts and moved them into the laundry to make room for ladders in the master bedroom. They spent most of the day adding the battens to the ceiling and finished of the master bedroom.

Tomorrow’s plan is to finish off the ensuite and bathroom ceilings. Followed by the laundry ceiling next weekend and adding in the insulation.

So far we are aiming to be tiling our bathrooms during our Christmas break.

Our plumber has been a very busy man and hasn’t been able to finish off our job. He has some down pipes to install and to connect to the water tank. Hopefully he gets to it tomorrow as promised.

Plumber arrived and finished off the job today (Sunday) down pipes in, water tank connected and a new tap installed to the water tank so that we can use rainwater to water the garden.

Today we spent time finishing off screwing in the ceiling battens for our master, ensuite and bathroom. I have to say my husband and I work well together as a team (most of the time). I also think I’m getting the hang of climbing up ladders and working at heights. We both marked, drilled and screwed on brackets and clicked in the channels. While I as usual, multi-tasked between renovating and looking after the kids, Anthony then finished off the battens on his own and made a start on adding the insulation batts to the front of the house and partly through our master bedroom ceiling.

We then made our way to Bunnings to grab some cavity units, because we’re hoping in 2 weeks time to get started on the plaster sheets!! Super excited!!


Insulation to keep the house cozy

Now that all the roughing in is done, we are ready to get the insulation into the roof and the walls. We’re really aiming to get the plastering done before Christmas and we are feeling that much closer now… Unfortunately, just when we could have started on the insulation, both my husband and I were struck with stomach flu! In the mean time we have ordered the batts (see this posts featured image!), ceiling battens and some extra yellow tongue for the floor.

So while we aren’t 100% we managed to move all the materials that arrived today into the back of the house. When all is well, Anthony and his Uncle are planning to work on the next stage. It has been so lovely and so Australian to witness family give a helping hand in making our dreams come true. I still have pictures of family get togethers, entertaining friends and family and my children making their own memories in this home.

We’ll move these around later…stomach flu has taken over 😦

Doors, doors, no windows…

We spent some time yesterday working out where to purchase the cavity unit sliders. There are 3 rooms in total that have cavity doors, we also plan to replace the 2 doors in the old part of the house to unify everything (they’re pretty boggy too) as well as the main entrance door – which a large portion of is glass, so for privacy reasons isn’t too good. It looks like we will purchase these from Hume Doors.


Giving the house some lungs and a belly for water. Ducted airconditioning and rainwater tank install.

Today was a productive day for the house and although I personally spent most of it at work, I was so excited to receive photo messages from Anthony of how the house was looking.

We got the rough-in for the ducted air conditioning done today. I was told that all went pretty well and that although there were some minor issues, Anthony and his Dad were able to oversee the install and direct as needed. Things like tubing being ripped because the installer had bent the foil tube in some weird angle and then cutting through our decorative ceilings without any vents on hand. Lucky Anthony and his Dad were able to ensure the install was done properly. Makes me think how many other homes might have issues from the start and you just never know because it’s all hidden away.

So the roof now has a giant foil robot like monster stuck in it.

The rainwater tank was also delivered today and positioned in place ready for the plumber to come by tomorrow to connect the tank and the downpipes. He was booked in, but from what I heard he has been really busy. I’m hoping we can still rely on him being at the house this week. Fingers crossed.


Cables, cables, cables! Electrical and data networking rough in

Our Electrician of choice, Anth’s Dad, has kindly taken a few days to complete the electrical rough-in. So both of them will be working through the week to install. On Tuesday the air conditioning guys will rough in the ducted air and the rainwater tank will be delivered ready for install also. It should be a fairly busy week for the men.

In our spare time we sorted out a plan for our light switches, networking cables and power points in preparation for the electrical rough in. We haven’t done too much to the old part of the house and the style of lights will be pendants. For the new areas we are looking to use downlights. The bedrooms including the master will use pendant lights to keep it consistent with the rest of the house. There are about 30+ power points and around 15 light switches. As Anthony is in the IT industry he’s keen to get wifi and networking cables all round the house. Looking at the plans makes me think the house is going to be alive and start walking down the street!

Getting our plans checked with the Electrician

After our electrical plan was signed off, Anthony and his Dad set off to install the cables. I’m not sure how the conversation came about, but after all their work, Anth’s Dad remembered an email about a recall on some cabling. On further investigation, they realised it was the cables that were previously used a few years ago when Anth’s Dad first rewired the house and also used when they started the rough-in…BUGGER!! What it means was they now have to remove all the previous cabling and start from scratch. Sometimes you have to expect 2 steps forward, 1 step back with renovating, although this wasn’t the case of the age of the house causing an issue, but faulty cabling. Lucky though, because if it wasn’t noticed now, it could potentially have caused a fire or some electrical problem.

Rewiring a 2nd time around in the old part of the house


So on a trip to Bunnings they went to get some new cables and so far things are looking alright. 

Light switch in the bathroom

Powerpoint & lightswitch

Cabling in our master


There’ll be more activity to come like I mentioned, so am staying tuned for this week. As important as this part is, I’m eager to see some insulation and plasterboard on the walls.


First round of painting

It’s the long weekend and spring weather is settling in. While the rest of the city head to the beach, we’re painting the house. Hopefully next summer we are spending time relaxing on our patio rather than trying to paint it!

We have a rainwater tank and ducted air conditioning being installed next week and rather than painting around these things, we decided it would be best to paint the walls first. Because of time restraints too, we are only painting the walls that need it, so street side, the house must look patchy, but I know this will soon change later.

I decided to go buy the paint at a local paint store (Merilux paints), which cost wise was a good idea – $20 less than Bunnings. Got the Taubmans 3-in-1 undercoat and the Taubmans topcoat in “Timeless” grey. Although by day I work as a Designer (print & digital), choosing colours is still a challenge, especially at this scale. You really could spend over an hour standing in front of colour swatches. I knew I wanted grey tones, but like whites, there are so many different kinds of greys! In the end this is the colour palette I’ve chosen.

Timeless Grey for the walls, Shale Grey is a specific Colorbond colour and we have used this for our gutters and downpipes. Surfmist, another Colorbond colour, will be used for trims and some of the paneling and possibly for our shed. We may use Teahouse for the slatted front fence.

White undercoat done

Aidan giving his Dad a hand at painting

Timeless Grey, first coat!

Tomorrow is forecast to rain, well a few showers, so my husband is determined to get the walls painted before then, at least the first coat. Hopefully he won’t be working too late through the evening.

We have now completed the painting on the critical areas of the house and will finish painting the entire house when we have completed the internals.

Here are some additional snapshots of today of us adding the second and final topcoat. I’m in two minds about the grey, in some lights it appears blueish and others it’s a lighter grey. The light definitely changes the tints of grey that I’m seeing. I do like it but I think it is going to look a lot nicer with some of those “Surfmist” highlights.

In mid roll

The sunlight makes a big difference in the tint