Rainy days keep us busy indoors

As we approach March, we also approach the wetter months of Autumn. Unfortunately the rain kept us from continuing work on the shed and instead we worked away on the bathrooms. I was extremely moody and just not a nice person to work with. Renovating can definitely bring out the worst in you too as Anthony and I spent half of the day arguing over a shaving cabinet. But the shaving cabinet at the time represented a lot of other issues that we are now working through. There’s a lot of strain on us as we have worked every weekend on the house while still trying to run a household and work. I’m just really losing patience now as I feel like nothing is changing. What I have to realise, and as Anthony mentioned, we are at a finicky part of the process and changes aren’t as drastic as they are like when we put up large sheets of gyprock.

Arguments meant we ended up wasting our Saturday, but in a way, it was probably needed as it gave us a bit of a break and a chance to vent and rant.

When we got out acts together, we made a start on cutting up tile trims for the windows, but we quickly realised that the tile edges that were really messy weren’t going to be covered up. The solution was to cover the edges with thin MDF and then add an architrave.

I also had a go at using the Dremel tool to cut 45 degree angle joins on the retro fit tile trims. It took a few go’s and I slowly got the hang of it. I know the joins aren’t perfect, but I will use a mixture of white grout and silicon to cover up some of the gaps.

During the week we also finished off adding the penny round mosaic to the bath niche and grouting with the misty grey grout. We also picked up our towel rails and toilet roll holders from Tradelink.

Our bathrooms are still not completely finished and our bath hasn’t been installed yet. Have been pretty unhappy with our plumber as of late as he continues to avoid or avoids returning our calls. Even after his visit to check on the mistakes he still hadn’t fixed the issue with the bathtub and the tap fittings. The tap is still too close to the top of the tub. We now have holes in our herringbone tile that we have to fix, and because our plumber hadn’t fitted the taps in the right place, we have to wait yet again for him to return to get this done. Of course this will be on his time, which I can only guess he won’t keep his promise on yet again. Waiting on our plumber has really delayed completion of our bathroom and it is just adding more stress on us and more time sitting on a site that is looking virtually unchanged.

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The shed has a roof

Sunday was more of a shed day, we got stuck into it, continuing to add sheets on the roof. It was nerve wracking for me standing on a scaffold, trying to drill…its not something I’m keen on doing again, being 2.7m high on a wobbly platform.

The rain held off luckily and we kept at it. The shed finally has a roof on and just as we finished, an hour later the rain and a small amount of hail showed up. This weekend we plan to really finish it up. The sooner we get this thing up, the sooner we can move all the old contents back in and really focus on our house.


Another bathroom and shed kind of weekend.

Today the weather was kind to us but only until about 3pm and then it decided to rain. Most of the day we worked on the shed and when the rain came we worked on finishing off some of the niches.

Anthony worked really hard again today and the strain of it all was showing. I know it’s incredibly frustrating when you’re doing all you can and nothing seems to be working,  or the panels aren’t straight, or you drill screws in the wrong place and you’re left with “Swiss cheese” as Anthony likes to exaggerate. Watching him throw tantrums is hard and I don’t like seeing him that stressed out. This is the reality of building when you aren’t a builder I guess. It also makes it difficult to want to continue doing what we are doing, but I know we can’t quit, not when the house is in the state that it’s in.

The shed now has a bit of a front, gutter brackets in place, the roof pitch has been angle grinded off and we got a small section of roof up before it started to rain. I braved being at the top of a scaffold, holding sisilation in place. I’m not that comfortable with heights, but I knew that Anthony was really struggling on his own. There is still parts of the front to angle grind off to make way for the roller door. Flashing, roof, gutters and downpipe to be installed, also cutting out the PA door. Seeing that the weather is again forecast to rain, I don’t think we will see a finished shed by tomorrow.

While the weather turned and Anthony was working away at the shed, I made use of my time and finished off the grouting of 3 niches, as well as removed the pvc trim. I think it’s looking really good and am in love with the charcoal hexagon mosaic with the ultra white grout. We just need to add the retro fit trims and those niches are done!

Tomorrow I think we have to play it by ear depending on the weather, also we have no babysitter on Sundays, so juggling my time between looking after our kids and working on the bathrooms, is tricky. Our daughter isn’t the easiest to handle either as she is at the stage of wanting to grab everything in the house and is always falling over. 

On another note, our frameless shower screens are in. They look amazing and they feel fairly spacious. The guys still need to come back though to add some finishing touches, more silicon and a bar at the bottom of the doors to stop water getting out. 


The never ending bathroom and shed

At the moment it feels like we are in limbo as we seem to have a never ending list of things to do before we officially say something is complete. I guess the finishing touches really do take the longest and for us it has almost been like 2 steps forward, 1 back.

So the bathrooms are still a work in progress. Custom glass shower screen came by to install one side of both bathroom shower screens. The glass looks great, but there was a strange shelf piece that we weren’t too happy about. After trying to figure out what they were and why they were needed, we decided that it was necessary to have them there for support. I was almost ready to call them up and complain seeing that we were never told that there would be some extra glass installed.

After several knock backs and absences from our plumber, he finally came by to take a look at the work that his sub contractors did. He was apologetic and stated he would fix the mess. The plumber did indeed come around again and made some fixes, but unfortunately not all of them. The issue with the tap fittings over the bath tub he relocated, but at the cost of a few herringbone tiles. Now we have to patch this up, re-waterproof, tile and then grout yet again before he can come back and finally install our tub properly. We initially thought that we would be taking baths instead of showers as we were waiting for the shower screens to be made and installed, but it’s actually the opposite.

We have attempted tiling the shower niche and added in the penny round mosaics. But we still have the bath niche and window sill to complete. We also need to get some retro fit tile trim angles to hide the joins. Not understanding the tile trims, we installed some plastic ones that were way too small, unfortunately they have set in place and now have to try to cut them out.

I also attempted to do the ensuite niche on my own. I will admit it’s not absolutely perfect, but for someone who has never done this before, I think it doesn’t look too bad. I was also trying to time it well as I got our 19 month old daughter to nap, whilst I went out the back to work on the niches.

Our Council required fire curtain (Vii Cabin) was also installed the other day. I didn’t really get to see how it was installed as I was at work, but it looks like part of the house and not the eye sore that we thought it was going to be.

With our shed, even this has been stalled somewhat. The weather last weekend was extremely hot and dubbed the highest on record at 41 deg C! This weekend we are set to have rain and thunderstorm! We just want to catch a break so we can get this shed up. Seeing that Anthony has to put the roof up, wet weather is not going to be ideal or safe. But that’s ok, plenty of other things to do round the house!

Last weekend Anthony managed to get a couple more walls up and the window in before the temperature really set in.


Bathroom aside, shed frames going up 

Ok, so the bathroom has been put on hold until our plumber turns up, which apparently is tomorrow. It’s been disappointing that we have been pushed back and given excuses, especially when we are really good customers and actually pay our plumbers invoices immediately. Understandably the plumber is busy and has trouble juggling bookings, but it has just been a case of over promising and under delivering at this point.

While waiting for the plumber, we were able to get our lighting and power points installed for the wet areas and a temporary light for the main bedroom. So although these rooms aren’t complete, we at least have enough lighting to finish them off in the evenings. Anthony’s Dad (our Electrician) has done an awesome job with installing electrical and continues to help us on some odd jobs. The wall cabinets in the laundry have also been partially installed and the benchtop fixed to the wall.

Pieces of our new shed were also delivered throughout the week. We received the frame, sheets, PA door and windows and all the bits and bobs that come with it to put it together. 

On Wednesday morning, Anthony, his Dad and builder friend worked away on the shed and put the frames up together. It’s a lot taller than our old shed and is a little further away from the house, so the access feels a lot wider now. We purchased the kit shed from Fair Dinkum sheds and so far the frames have been fairly easy to put up, but now the guys have run into an issue with the roller door. We requested a taller roller door, however it seems that the consultant ordered us a roller door that is not only taller, but wider. So the door does not match the size of the shed. Again another pain point, but I’m sure something will be worked out.

Cutting the slab down for the new shed

We are hoping to get this shed up within the next few weeks, hopefully less, so we can store all our things in preparation for knocking down the internal wall.

On side notes, our fire curtain has been built and will be installed this week and next week we should expect to have our frameless shower screens installed also.

There is still so much to do, but each day we get closer to that next hurdle – internal demolition.


Part plumbing fit out

With the uncertainty of whether the plumber would show up today, we watched the clock in anticipation. Our original plumber told us that he himself wouldn’t be able to come by, but would arrange for his sub to do the work. When the 2 men arrived, Anthony told them what was needed to be done and they set off to work.

They started on the bathroom and got the bath tub in, toilet, shower and vanity. Then eventually moved on to the laundry and the ensuite.

It was exciting to see tapware and bathroomwares installed,  but I was expecting the fit out to be complete. Instead we were left with some issues like the tap over the bath not in the right spot and the ensuite vanity positioned too hard up against the wall so that when you open the drawers they graze along the wall. The toilet in the ensuite was also not in the right position and a tile needed to be removed. I guess despite the fitting not 100% there yet, it’s given us a vision of what it’s going to be like. Monday we were told that our plumber will tidy up and fit everything in properly.

Whilst the plumbers worked away on the fitout, Anthony spray painted 2 doors. We had bought a spray painter at an Aldi special and it has come in pretty handy. Have gone with a base white as we will paint the walls in a darker more grey based white. I love the detail on our doors, a mix of modern yet almost Art Deco.

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Goodbye old shed

Our old asbestos laidened shed has finally been put to rest, dismantled and now a pile of old smelly timbers and metal. Whilst we worked during the day the asbestos removalist arrived nice and early, backed their truck into the driveway and the last that I saw were putting up plastic.

After a long work day, my husband picked me up from the station and we did our usual dash to Bunnings, this time to pick up the remaining cabinetry for the laundry. It was at sunset when we got home and I got to see the shed piled up neatly in one heap. The removalist kept the studs aside for us which we are keeping for our builder friend.

I was so amazed by the space, but I know that this will soon be taken up by a new garage. I know that the hubby needs his man cave and a place to store all the tools he has accumulated, not to mention the 3 kayaks and bicycles.


Day 2 of asbestos removal was just the removal of the pile of leftover timber and steel. The removalist turned up the same time as the day before, loaded everything on the truck, washed down the slab and waited patiently for his pay. It was all a very quick and easy process.

In the lead up to the new shed delivery, we have plumbers in on Saturday to do the last install. Monday we are expecting the shed to arrive, which will be built over the next few days after, possibly longer. We have got our old builder friend to help us piece together the jigsaw puzzle in hopes that we can get this shed built in no time. There are a lot of items taking up space on our patio right now making it difficult to move around.