A bit of this and a bit of that

It seems to be the running theme at the moment where we are doing a little bit of this and a bit of that on the house but not calling anything officially finished.

The weekend that past was good to us though as the skies opened up and we had sunny days to allow us to work on the shed. You can’t have everything though and of course I was sick on the weekend. But I plodded on and managed to do some things. Luckily Anthony was well and was able to put the capping on the roof, put the roller door in place and the PA door in.

I worked away at removing some silicon on our window sills in the ensuite and also grouted the laundry splashback. We are actually using our washing machine in the laundry now, albeit an unfinished one. We still have cornicing to add, painting to complete, cabinet doors to install and door architraves, but it is a functioning laundry which is nice.

Our main priority at the moment is to just get all our things back into the shed. I am waiting for Anthony’s next move which is to spray paint the cabinet doors and other doors, which he wants to do in the shed. So once that is done we will move things in. Then by April we will look at opening up to the extension.


Work in the laundry room

Our days have been scattered with working away on the bathrooms still and finishing them off, as well as making more changes in the laundry room.

The finishing touches really feel like they are taking forever, but I guess when you want to be as perfect as you can be, it seems neverending. Days in between waiting for our plumber to show, we have been installing architraves on the windows, hanging up the shaving cabinet in the ensuite, installing the towel rails and toilet holder and adding aluminium angles to the niche above the bath tub. We patched the wall where the tap for the bath has moved and now is ready for the tub to be positioned in place.

In my eagerness to see changes in the laundry, I started priming the walls and the lightness has certainly made a difference, opening up the space and making it feel wider that it is. We then made a start on the tile splash back, kind of a precursor to tiling our kitchen splash back, as we intend to create the same pattern. Originally we were going to have the tile sit under the cabinetry but considering we had ordered 3 boxes, there was plenty to tile all the way up to the top. Anthony had to order more spacers as we decided to use the levelling ones for the subway pattern. Yet to grout, but I’m really loving the look. Since we have ample charcoal coloured grout, I’m going to use that for the laundry tile splashback for contrast.

There’s some jointing to do as well as patching some walls nails, and then I can go ahead and paint the rest of the room, including the ceiling. 

This weekend the weather forecast is telling us it will be a sunny one, so we are really hoping to be able to finish off the shed, or at least put the roof in and hopefully move our shed items in over the next few weekends. If this goes to plan, then we could be looking at knocking the internal wall down and removing the old laundry over the Easter period. I have also landed myself a full time role in a Digital design agency, so there is definitely a lot happening on my plate, but we keep persisting and making small changes regularly, which are amount to larger things.