Shed complete and others not so…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but we have been doing some small changes here and there every weekend. Sometimes the wet weather has prevented us from doing any further work to the shed and other times we have just been, well, lazy. Life outside of the renovations has been busy for us and there are times where we struggle to juggle it all. We have made some progress though and now have privacy locks on our sliding doors, handles on some of our laundry cabinets and finished off the shed.

We had some intial issues with the roller door on our shed, the curtain actually unwound and we had to ask our neighbour to give us a hand to wind it back. Garage curtains are scary things and can be quite dangerous to work with as they are really heavy, if not fitted correctly the curtain can drop down fast. Thankfully we didn’t have problems with the spring as I read this part of the door can cause serious injury if tension isn’t right. So the shed is now complete, gutters and all, which means we can start storing things away.

The next job is to finish off some spray painting of the remaining doors AND THEN we can move things into the shed. My husband tells me that we would be looking at knocking some internal walls down during the Easter break.


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