Working hard for our Easter eggs

With the long weekend finally here we have taken advantage of the 4 days off to keep working on the house. As much as we would have loved to have taken a break, we  know nothing will change if we don’t do anything.

Friday we got up early and as Anthony cleaned up the pile of “shed items”, I worked on the mound of dirt piled up in the backyard using this to back fill the large  hole left by the plumbers.

I didn’t think we would digging dirt again this year, but at least it has been a lot easier than digging trenches or pier holes. So after a long day of work on a sunny Autumn day, we are now able to walk across the backyard easily and to walk around the patio to once again see the lushness of the bamboos.

Today we had another early start, to fit in our usual grocery shop and also make a stop over at Bunnings to make a few purchases. We bought 2 foldaway clotheslines and Anthony installed them while I did some clean up in the house to make way for the demolition of the old laundry wall. Once he finished there, we got to washing a few loads to try the new lines out. We’re really happy with how we have utilized this space on the side of the house. 

We then made a start on removing the old walls. A mixture of removing old nails, screws and sawing off some of the Timber was required. This has been our first real taste of how much space we have in our family room area.  Things are really progressing now and it’s pretty exciting. There’s still so much to do, but there’s a larger sense of accomplishment now every time I open up those sliding door and see the family room and the patio. It’s going to be a lovely space when it’s complete. There is still another portion of the wall to go, which we hope to tackle over the next few days. Our hired 4 tonne skip bin is already full, so we will be trying hard to fit as much in as possible. At this stage we are looking at mid May to try to remove the old concrete slab and open up even more of the wall.

Long weekend to be continued…


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