Another brick in the wall

Things are fairly slow on the renovation front as we have been plodding along only on the weekends. We have also had to juggle soccer coaching of our son’s under 8’s soccer team on the Saturdays, so it feels like we have had less and less time dedicated to these renovations as of late. Now at a fairly rocky stage, we are trying to approach removing these internal walls carefully. My husband is being cautious, while I’m being impatient. 

Anthony’s parents visited us for Mother’s Day, and of course his Dad’s time here was not wasted and Anthony made requests to bring some tools and helping hands to make some cuts into the walls.

As his parents said, we have to crack eggs to make an omelette. This rings so true for what we’re doing with these renovations. It gets frustrating at times though, because we keep having to make a lot of mess, cleaning it up, only to make more mess again. Sawing the brick wall caused a lot of fine dust to settle practically everywhere and even in our new bathrooms, despite us placing some plastic and cardboard over the doors. We were left with a large pile of 100 year old bricks and lime mortar, which we were able to salvage and add further to our pavement on the side of the house. The other thought was to pressure wash the pavement and then paint, as well as add crushed gravel on the sides to fill in the gaps.

Next steps will be to hire a demolition saw as the one we borrowed isn’t cutting deep enough into the brick. We found that Kennards Hire has a demolition saw that can cut indoors and reduce the amount of dust as it includes a vacuum. We’re planning to create more cuts, and dig a pier pad. We have the concrete slab to tackle, dig more piers and then we can look at demolishing the indoor walls. We considered hiring trades to remove the walls for us, but felt we would have to live with the exposed open area without a floor for too long.


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