In January 2012 after a few months of house searching, my husband and I began what would be the start of our great Aussie dream. We were living in the thick of Sydney city, in a small city apartment over looking the streets of rainbows, glitter and Kylie Minogue lovers (Oxford Street, Sydney). I loved living there, but with the pending arrival of our little boy, it was time to sell and find ourselves a house.

Before we purchased our 1920’s house in the ‘burbs, we settled at my mum’s 2 storey terrace home. It was an interesting arrangement as mum moved out, and as a trade off we renovated part of her house on a $15K budget. We tackled floor boards, painting and a kitchen renovation on our own (with the help of father-in-law), all the while with me being pregnant. So this was to be the first taste of a DIY renovation for us – we must be pretty hungry to do another.

Fast forward to the present, we are now doing a much larger renovation, a house extension to be exact, on our freestanding house on a 372m2 lot.

And instead of 1 kid, we now have 2. We have a few friends with building knowledge and some trades to call on, but primarily, this is a build we are hands on with – did I mention we’re living on site too? Getting your hands dirty and building your own home, I think, is becoming rarer these days. Our working lives take up more hours and I think everyone just wants a house that’s complete. We might be getting over our heads on this, but I hope it’s something we can look back and say…”Wow! Look what we did…”



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