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The shed has a roof

Sunday was more of a shed day, we got stuck into it, continuing to add sheets on the roof. It was nerve wracking for me standing on a scaffold, trying to drill…its not something I’m keen on doing again, being 2.7m high on a wobbly platform.

The rain held off luckily and we kept at it. The shed finally has a roof on and just as we finished, an hour later the rain and a small amount of hail showed up. This weekend we plan to really finish it up. The sooner we get this thing up, the sooner we can move all the old contents back in and really focus on our house.

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Goodbye old shed

Our old asbestos laidened shed has finally been put to rest, dismantled and now a pile of old smelly timbers and metal. Whilst we worked during the day the asbestos removalist arrived nice and early, backed their truck into the driveway and the last that I saw were putting up plastic.

After a long work day, my husband picked me up from the station and we did our usual dash to Bunnings, this time to pick up the remaining cabinetry for the laundry. It was at sunset when we got home and I got to see the shed piled up neatly in one heap. The removalist kept the studs aside for us which we are keeping for our builder friend.

I was so amazed by the space, but I know that this will soon be taken up by a new garage. I know that the hubby needs his man cave and a place to store all the tools he has accumulated, not to mention the 3 kayaks and bicycles.


Day 2 of asbestos removal was just the removal of the pile of leftover timber and steel. The removalist turned up the same time as the day before, loaded everything on the truck, washed down the slab and waited patiently for his pay. It was all a very quick and easy process.

In the lead up to the new shed delivery, we have plumbers in on Saturday to do the last install. Monday we are expecting the shed to arrive, which will be built over the next few days after, possibly longer. We have got our old builder friend to help us piece together the jigsaw puzzle in hopes that we can get this shed built in no time. There are a lot of items taking up space on our patio right now making it difficult to move around.


First round of painting

It’s the long weekend and spring weather is settling in. While the rest of the city head to the beach, we’re painting the house. Hopefully next summer we are spending time relaxing on our patio rather than trying to paint it!

We have a rainwater tank and ducted air conditioning being installed next week and rather than painting around these things, we decided it would be best to paint the walls first. Because of time restraints too, we are only painting the walls that need it, so street side, the house must look patchy, but I know this will soon change later.

I decided to go buy the paint at a local paint store (Merilux paints), which cost wise was a good idea – $20 less than Bunnings. Got the Taubmans 3-in-1 undercoat and the Taubmans topcoat in “Timeless” grey. Although by day I work as a Designer (print & digital), choosing colours is still a challenge, especially at this scale. You really could spend over an hour standing in front of colour swatches. I knew I wanted grey tones, but like whites, there are so many different kinds of greys! In the end this is the colour palette I’ve chosen.

Timeless Grey for the walls, Shale Grey is a specific Colorbond colour and we have used this for our gutters and downpipes. Surfmist, another Colorbond colour, will be used for trims and some of the paneling and possibly for our shed. We may use Teahouse for the slatted front fence.

White undercoat done

Aidan giving his Dad a hand at painting

Timeless Grey, first coat!

Tomorrow is forecast to rain, well a few showers, so my husband is determined to get the walls painted before then, at least the first coat. Hopefully he won’t be working too late through the evening.

We have now completed the painting on the critical areas of the house and will finish painting the entire house when we have completed the internals.

Here are some additional snapshots of today of us adding the second and final topcoat. I’m in two minds about the grey, in some lights it appears blueish and others it’s a lighter grey. The light definitely changes the tints of grey that I’m seeing. I do like it but I think it is going to look a lot nicer with some of those “Surfmist” highlights.

In mid roll

The sunlight makes a big difference in the tint

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Day 3 Rendering…Complete!

The final wall is now complete!! Wise Building have just rocketed through the whole rendering process. Our entire house is now completely skinned with render. 

Over the next couple of weeks we will be keeping our fingers crossed that the weather holds up to allow the render to dry. We will then get onto the task of painting the whole house, which will allow us to get a rainwater tank installed.

I guess over time we will see how the render holds, hoping there won’t be too many cracks appearing.

The expansion joints weren’t filled in, so we will need to get our hands on some No Gap (silicon), fill in the gaps and then paint.

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Day 2 Rendering

The Wise Building guys are on a roll and with some good weather so far it’s been going great! I am super impressed by these guys, getting here on time every morning and pushing through till late afternoon to get the place done on time.

They worked on the kitchen side wall, quickly moving from the back of the property to the front. Everything seems to have gone well and I’m so happy to see it all blend together.

The before

The after

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Day 1 Rendering

It always feels great when I see people working on the house, because I know that we are that one step closer.

The renderers came by yesterday to prepare the windows and drop off some equipment. Although some areas inside of the house are quite dark now since they have placed plastic sheeting over the windows, I don’t mind so much knowing that there is work being done.

Today seems to have been a really productive day and a nice and sunny one too. The first coat of render has been added to the back wall and the patio area. I am so happy with how straight and flush the render looks. Makes me laugh at our rendering job in the other bedroom…guess that’s why you hire the pro’s. This was one area we definitely didn’t want to do ourselves.

I’m not only impressed with the render itself, but the guys doing the work have been on site on time and leaving late, keeping to their expected turn around time. I highly recommend them and will be adding them to my list of recommendations soon. Price wise it was in the middle range and considering how they have gone so far, we are getting more than what we paid.


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Day 18 Bricks to lock-up…Complete!

The brick laying has been such an arduous task to say the least! It was a big call to make the decision to do it ourselves, but looking back we can’t help but feel proud of our achievements. I guess this is why some take on challenges like this – self bragging rights maybe? Haha.

There were a remaining measley 6 bricks to go and just like that they were set in place. Although I wish I could say we won’t be seeing bricks and mortar again, we still have to finish the gaping hole in the small bedroom and also the front fence, which when we eventually get to, will also be rendered brick. But to at least get to this point and officially say that our house is “locked up” is worth popping open a bottle of champers!

The final 6 bricks to lock up!

The last batch of mortar

Aidan holds the final brick, we are all a little bit excited!!

Filling up the hole

The other task for today does involve more bricks, but what’s another 270 right? Because we had to remove an old window in one of the smaller bedrooms, it of course left a large hole that needed to be bricked up. We had cleaned up all the dust left from the removal and installation of the new window, only to put down some more plastic sheets over the floor so that we could use the old bricks to build up the patch.

A great tip that Kurt from Lifestyle Building & Maintenance told us was that we had to soak the old bricks in water. Being quite porous, the older style bricks act like a sponge, which was interesting when you see the bricks bubbling away in the water. So this little bit of advice has probably saved us a lot of hassle.

Once dry, we will have to render the wall and repaint.

I think our son will appreciate getting back into his room since the couch is getting a little uncomfortable to sleep on.

Hole cleaned up, bricks moved across…lets do more bricklaying…

Almost there!!