The other side

We managed to hire the brick saw from Kennards for the day and had a lot of success with it. It cost under $200 to hire and did a brilliant job at not only slicing through the bricks but leaving a minimal amount of brick dust as it had a vacuum attached. Once the cuts … Continue reading The other side

Level ground

We had success with the mini excavator and it’s driver that we contracted on the weekend. Their little digger managed to get through the tight corner between the shed and patio stairs and get round to shift all the dirt around. I was so glad that we didn’t have to shovel dirt ourselves again, I … Continue reading Level ground

Easter part 2

The bunny arrived last night and early this morning the kids woke up to an egg hunt. We had our fill of hot cross buns and unwrapped a few chocolate eggs before we once again went to work. This time we packed away most things into the shed and stored away some things into the … Continue reading Easter part 2