Patio floor tiled

Another Saturday spent working on the house, this time we spent it finishing off the tiling of our patio floor. It’s been a slow process as our tile saw has a battery that maxes out after a few hours. This time we managed to get the floor just about completely tiled bar 2 tiles as our tile saw conked out. A shame really as we had enough time during the day to finish off the stair case. Instead we are having a rest and tomorrow we will hopefully see this thing through. Next Saturday we should have it all grouted.

Our front fence is almost there as well with one side complete and our mailbox in. The other side I gather will be finished on Monday, but with our bricklayer we just don’t know. Regardless of how long it’s taken, I’m just happy to see it going up and then we can get it rendered, painted, slats and gates in and we’re done with it. I’m keen to also use the front yard to start growing edible plants and get our buffalo grass growing again.


Patio tiling begins

It was a somewhat busy morning as the delivery of bricks for our front fence arrived at around 8am. 2 pallets and a large bag of sand and cement arrived at our property. The bricklayer will be starting on Monday (or so he says) and so this could be the week that we see a brick fence up.

Anthony then looked at the patio to decide where the tiles would sit, whether we needed to shave off some of the render and measured the area to determine how much mastic and grout to purchase.

Then we raced off to the tile shop to get the glue and grout. As we’re dealing with 950mm long tiles and porcelain, we had to hire a tile saw as we don’t have the right tools to get 45 degree cuts, so we headed over to Kennards only to find they didn’t have the table saw we wanted. So we headed over to Bunnings to see if we could find another saw and instead of hiring we came away buying a Ryobi wet/dry tile saw. It won’t matter how long tile is and the cost was relative to tool hire costs in the end.

As always we don’t have an easy and smooth run at this renovating game and just as we started to cut a tile, the new battery on the tile saw stopped working and we had to go through the hassle of driving back to Bunnings to exchange the battery. Looks like today won’t be the day where we get any tiles stuck to the floor, so instead Anthony installed the patio lights and the remaining interior lights

Hopefully tomorrow is the day we can get the tiles down as I’m getting a teaser look at how our interior floors will match our exterior ones. So far I think it’s the closest match we could find and I can’t wait to get that seamless indoor to outdoor feel.


Patio painting

As we get closer to tiling our patio, we spent last week in preparation by finishing off the ceiling joints, painting with ceiling paint and painting the walls. Painting required 3 coats, 1 of the 3in1 primer and 2 in the “Timeless grey” exterior paint. We were also able to remove the old tapes that protected the window and door frames.

I have some reservations about painting the timber beam in the grey, but I think it’s ok. I do wish I had chosen a white window frame though as it would be a nicer contrast from the grey walls.

This weekend we plan to clean up the patio floor, remove some of the render around the edges and hire a tile saw to cut our wood look tiles. I know it will be a fiddly and a tricky job, but hopefully we can keep costs down by hiring the saw ourselves and doing the cutting within a day.

As for our brick front fence, this has been going on for 4 weeks now and we still have not seen a single brick up. The bricklayer has been working away at it at a snails pace, on his own time and falling ill often or coming up with some excuse. We are meant to see a brick and materials delivery today, however nothing has arrived. We will continue to go through with this as this will be one of the last tradies we deal with for a while. There will still need to be rendering done and slats installed, hopefully completed before my birthday in April….


Final wardrobe in

Today we got our master bedroom wardrobe installed and does it feel good to know we have a place for all our clothes now. It’s been a nuisance having to sift through garbage bags to find clothes to wear for the day.

Sydney Wardrobes Company sent out their installer who actually arrived on time with all the materials needed to get started. It took a full day for him to put it together. Getting the levels right for the sliding mirror doors as well as working with a corner probably took most of the installers time, as well as putting the panels in. We had 2 sections with 4 wire baskets each, 2 shoe shelves each and top shelves, the rest all hanging. The top of the wardrobe is a wide and tall space for us to store more things away.

Next on the agenda for our bedroom will be to move our stuff into the wardrobe, paint the study nook wall, pop another light into the ceiling and finish off the ensuite door trims.


Weekend side projects: Let’s go with the patio

While we wait for our wardrobes and front fence to be finished off during the week, we are spending our weekends (very) slowly doing odd jobs here and there.

I cleared up the mess in the corner of our room and moved all the bags of clothes out to make way for painting of the cornice. This has been done so that we are ready for our wardrobe to be installed on the Wednesday. Anthony has made a start on the patio in the mean time by putting up the jointing tape and then covering this with base coat and finally top coat.

Then he sanded the gyprock compound so that we can begin to paint the ceiling. We bought some expansion joint filler to fill the joints in the brick walls and then we’ll be ready to paint the walls. We want to paint everything before we start laying tiles down.


Build of the front brick fence kicks off

Late last year we had booked a bricklayer to start on our brick fence. It was a bit of a rocky start as the bricklayer had to postpone several times on us for various reasons, but little by little the foundations were worked on. 3 weeks ago digging of the dirt was done, followed by a little more digging, steel mesh in, engineer sign off and then pouring of the concrete over 2 days.

We have been told that bricks have now been ordered for Tuesday and so the concrete will have a bit more time to continue to cure. Once we get the bricks up we will get the wall rendered and have slats put in place and a new automatic gate.

There is still a lot of things to do:

  • Patio ceiling jointed and quads in
  • Patio ceiling painted
  • Patio tiles installed
  • Balustrades installed
  • 3 more lights to be cut in and plugged
  • Filling and painting doors
  • External painting of the rest of the house
  • Wardrobe installation and cornicing

2 new wardrobes and another on its way

It’s been a fair while since I’ve blogged about the house, simply because there has been a shift between working on the house and trying to live a normal life. We’re doing less renovating as each weekend rolls by seeing that we can live quite comfortably. I do worry that we are becoming complacent and just letting things slide, but we do try to do a little each week even though we book ourselves a bit more in the social calendar now.

We did however manage to complete the 2 wardrobes for our kids rooms. The installation was quick and somewhat pain free. We painted out the horrible pastel pink walls and the mould covered ceiling. Since we’ve done this, so far no mould has returned and I think the wire basket and shelving have helped with ventilation.

Our kids have now moved into their rooms. They are loving it and so are we. Both now have areas to sleep and play. I’m still working on the decor and plan to slowly add more like wall hangings. But the rooms are well organised and functional.

We went through a couple of quotes from some wardrobe specialists for our own bedroom now that Anthony’s study nook has been built.

We finally settled on Sydney Wardrobe Company as they were able to give us a corner wardrobe that could have sliding mirrors that reveal the corner. A few tried to sell us something quite basic, but we were wanting to make the most of the corner and utilize as much space as we could. Our master bedroom is not large and we have had to be mindful of how we create storage. It’s means that we’ve had to get something quite custom. The installer has been scheduled for next Wednesday and I can’t wait as we have been living with clothes in plastic bags.